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  • India Gate - New Delhi
  • Red Fort - New  Delhi
  • Lotus Temple - New  Delhi
  • Qutub Minar - New Delhi
  • Laxmi Narayam Temple - New Delhi
  • Taj Mahal - Agra
  • Amer Fort - Jaipur
  • Lake Palace - Udaipur
  • Ganges Aarti Varanasi
  • Dal Lake - Group of Houseboats
  • Kerala Houseboats
  • Khajuraho Temple
  • Ranthambore Tiger
India Gate - New Delhi1 Red Fort - New  Delhi2 Lotus Temple - New  Delhi3 Qutub Minar - New Delhi4 Laxmi Narayam Temple - New Delhi5 Taj Mahal - Agra6 Amer Fort - Jaipur7 Lake Palace - Udipur8 Ganges Aarti - Varanasi9 Dal Lake - Group of Houseboats10 Kerala Houseboats11 Khajuraho Temple12 Ranthambore Tiger13
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India Travel Tips

Keeping in Touch

While travelling it is important to keep in regular touch with your family and let them know of any changes to your travel plans. You may be having a great time on your holiday but forgetting to contact family and friends can cause them needless stress and worry. Each year, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s consulate service receives hundreds of calls from concerned families who have not heard from loved ones and are concerned for their safety.

To save your family and friends needless worry:

Leave a copy of your itinerary and travel insurance details with your family and register your travel plans.
Establish an email address that you can access overseas.
Activate global roaming on your mobile phone but keep in mind it may not work in some remote areas.

Contact your family and friends to let them know you are safe if there is a natural disaster, major accident or terrorist attack in the area you travellers are in Advise your family how regularly they can expect to hear from you and stick to your word.

Carry only essentials

Taking into consideration the time, place and season of our visit, carry only the most important things with you. Avoid unnecessary items like excess food too much of eatables, bulky clothing, heavy items, etc.

Important documents

Avoid carrying valuable items. Wear a money belt or stitch a pocket inside your outfit to keep important documents like passport, credit cards, travellers' cheques, etc. It's always better to take photocopies of important documents and leave them with someone trustworthy. It is advised that you carry a card with details of important contact numbers, your age, blood group, etc, so that people may help you in the event of an emergency.

Taxis / Auto Rickshaws

Transport safety standards vary widely. You should understand the risks and plan your travel accordingly. Always book your taxi inside the airport. If you take a pre-paid taxi, pay the stipulated fare while at the airport counter. After which you need not pay anything to the taxi driver.

Hordes of touts and taxi men will crowd around you and offer to take you wherever you need to go. You are very likely to get overcharged upon reaching your destination. You are not expected to tip taxis. If you are unsure about the cost conversions - which are usually one and a half times to twice what the meter reads, you can always ask for a meter card from the driver.

Hotel bookings
For hotel bookings and other information, check out our Travel & Accommodation section. There is no shortage of hotels in Delhi. There are numerous touts offering hotel services at the airport. If you must consider employing their services, make sure they have some kind of official identification .

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